The team behind the technology.

Charlie Paton

Charlie studied at Central School of Art and Design in London. He began his career as a lighting designer and maker of special effects. His fascination with light and plant growth led to the Seawater Greenhouse concept. Charlie has since received numerous awards for his contributions to the fields of sustainability and design – including being recognized as a Royal Designer for Industry by the RSA. His unparalleled experience has made him a world expert in environmental control and design for horticultural applications.

Aston University

In partnership with between Aston University, together we have developed advanced modelling tools that enable our designs to be lower cost and more robust.

Adam Paton

Adam grew up in Hackney E8, moved on to doing Product Design at Sussex, before designing and building ‘Seawater Greenhouses’ around the world in arid regions. This in turn brought Adam into the world of plumbing, electrics and project managing.

Karl Fletcher

Karl holds a BS in Environmental Science with a minor in Economics from Cornell University and MSc in Finance from Cass Business School, graduating with distinction. His interests are on how best to blend sustainability practices into commercial enterprises. His previous roles in the area include Project Director for Cornell University Sustainable Design, and Corporate Sustainability for Quiksilver Inc.