A restorative approach to agriculture


Our Business

Working with clients and partners around the world, we design greenhouse solutions for hot and dry coastal regions, often where agriculture would otherwise be impossible. Using modeling software to simulate the growing environment, we can optimize a design to maximize the cooling and humidifying effects of our technology. We then custom-design the specific greenhouse to fit the economic and climate conditions of a particular region. Our latest project, where we are piloting an all-new design, is in Somaliland. To find out more follow the link here.



300-750 tons/ha*

Achievable yield, depending on greenhouse design and crop

*Using tomato as a reference


Reduction in capital costs versus traditional heated greenhouses


Reduction in operating cost versus traditional heated greenhouses




The proof of concept

Abu Dhabi

Lighter, stronger, simpler


Demonstration of the oasis effect



Commercial scale


Low-cost, rugged, modular