Just add seawater.

The idea behind the process is simple. It combines two unlimited resources (sunlight and seawater) to provide ideal growing conditions for crops in hot environments.

The technology utilises the cooling and humidifying power of water vapour produced from evaporating salt water.

The combined effect of reducing temperature and increasing humidity, together with providing a protected environment for crops, results in up to 90% reduction in evapotranspiration. This greatly reduces irrigation requirements, which can be provided by desalination, and improved growing conditions.

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Exploring the benefits.

As a result operating costs are lower, yields increase, and farmers can benefit from year-round production of high-value horticultural produce.


Reforestation is a proven solution to climate change, but to do this at scale, we need a lot more water.  We use wind, sunlight and seawater to solve that problem


Growing food locally reduces the need for overseas importation whilst providing jobs and livelihoods

World Water Conflicts

Tension over water scarcity is increasing across the globe. A new system flags up where this threatens to erupt into violence. Researchers from six organisations have developed an early warning system to help predict potential water conflicts as violence associated with water surges globally.