Seawater Greenhouse provide full design, manufacturing, implementation and support to ensure that our growing systems improve the environment as well as profitability, regardless of location.

Seawater Greenhouse systems can be adapted to fit a wide range of scales. As many growers want to take advantage of economies of scale in greenhouse horticulture, we make it simple to expand at any stage as our systems are modular. 

Products & services


Consulting & Design

We design individual Seawater Greenhouse installations to suit the local climate, market and growing conditions. These are custom-based projects and are designed to adapt to different interests.

Our experienced design team can help with:

  • Horticulture Consulting
  • Project Feasibility
  • Greenhouse design and choice of materials
  • Budgeting and Costing

We make it simple for you to start on a smaller scale and expand with your operations gradually.

  • Budgeting and Cost Management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing of Proprietary Systems and Components
  • Construction Management
  • Greenhouse Fit-Out